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Martin Gilks

[this is good]

Please note under 'g' Rythm guitar for Los Cimmarons was me Martin Gilks.Can you correct?

Living in Durban and love your website 63 now and still playing.


Pete Davies - Drums
hiya. I come from cov. after playing in  some local club bands and such in 1974 i formed The Wild Boys with roddy [radiation] byers, Moved to London.1976 Played with Marabou,1977 joined Dick Envy after auditioning for the Clash, then in 1978 joined UKSubs. After the subs I played with Roy Harper, then in1981  joined up with Roddy and the Tearjerkers with Mark Byers and Joe Hughes, also worked with the Strapps. 1984 Formed the Rhubarb Tarts,  after working with subs again.Worked with Steve Fiction And the Rebel sci-fi blues bastards. 1987 saw me playing with Gaz Top, Then joining Here and Now which  progressed to Planet Gong With Daevid Allen,

1991 I helped put the UkSubs back together with Lars Ericson on guitar befor he returned to the states to form rancid.

1996 i'd done enough gigs for now so decided to give it rest and retain sanity.

I now teach drums for a living but have been gigging with UkSubs, and am involved with the Tolley men.

pete davies /drums


John Chivers

Quite a long list! One small correction. I was BAiT's drummer and there is a typo in my surname, which is 'Chivers', not 'Chives'.

Good work!


[this is good]

Just a couple of amendments: Pam of the Orchids' name was Jarman not Jarmen.

I don't think that Malc Harker was in the Dodgers but he was in The Perfumed Garden

Diane Cox

[this is good]

Hi, how fab this is - What memories! I can add that prior to 'Aching Tongue' I played in a band called 'Zanders


Thanks for all the updates people. The site is far from finished but will try and get some time to do some more work on it and if need be may ask you for some more info. Trev

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